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Why do we bother with making contacts by radio when internet , Skype or texting are so much easier?   It has to do with a sense of personal accomplishment that comes with learning skills and applying them no matter how impractical they may seem to others.  Sort of like shooting balls through baskets or kicking them though goals: doing so skillfully brings much enjoyment.

When Mother Nature disables phone lines or cell towers, the ability to throw a wire up and establish communications may suddenly become very useful.  It takes skill, knowledge and practice to bounce signals all over the world, especially in less than ideal emergency situations. 

I got bit by the bug at an early age and enjoy all aspects of this wonderful hobby from from mountain top portable operations to contesting and traffic handling.  Like any hobby, there are many aspects to HAM radio. It even involves building things.  This site captures some experiences and useful hints in a simple format.

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George NG7A

When all else fails, the ability to throw up a wire and establish communications may suddenly become very useful.

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